Author Chris Tatevosian

Author Chris Tatevosian

Chris Tatevosian grew up in Holliston, Massachusetts and graduated college in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and a minor in Chemistry. Employed as an analytical chemical technician for seven years before becoming an occupational safety coordinator/consultant. In 1980 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Recently you may have read about Chris Tatevosian and this candid and humble self-help memoir he has written entitled Life Interrupted, It’s Not All about Me. In the book Chris shares with readers, his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and how his poor me attitude cost him his marriage. Chris hopes that others might learn from his relationship destroying mistakes to communicate more effectively and avoid allowing disability and feelings of decreasing self-worth to destroy one’s relationship. The book has been featured in the MetroWest newspaper (Farmingham MA) and other smaller, local papers as well as the web sites of numerous MS organizations such as,MSworld.org MSfocus and the MS foundation web sites. Chris, a member here at First Congregational Church of Hopkinton (FCCH) has suffered from the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis for approximately thirty years. Back in 2005 Chris facilitated a class here at FCCH similarly called “Life Interrupted “, which like his book helps individuals deal with the stress put on a relationship as a result of a family member having a chronic illness or disability requiring another family member to function as the caregiver.

“A real person, speaking right from the heart, and it touched my heart.
”Rick Mansfield, Caring Coordinator, The First Congregational Church of Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Chronic illness doesn’t just wreak havoc on the body. It can make a person insecure and difficult to live with, and the ensuing self-pity can even destroy a marriage. Author Chris Tatevosian knows this firsthand. Life Interrupted-It’s Not All About Me is his stunning first-person account of his battle with multiple sclerosis, which slowly eroded his marriage. In clear, pitch-perfect prose, Tatevosian details how his “poor me” attitude, inabilities to face what was happening to him, and his overall difficulties with his disease tore apart what was a storybook marriage.

An important chronicle of a terrible disease and a shattering portrait of a love gone wrong, Life Interrupted is still a very uplifting and helpful book. Tatevosian shares his strategies for coping and dealing with the disease, often treating conquering his illness like a game. He also offers helpful advice on how to manage the sometimes difficult emotions any chronic disorder can produce. Living with illness can be hard for everyone in a family, but as this brave and important book shows, with faith in God, hope and humor, life can still be worth living.

“I was touched by the honesty of such a humble man, one who is courageous enough to let the world read about his struggles with his disability, and how God is using this experience to change his life and the lives of others.” -Sue Celluce, Special Needs educator.~ Dr. Beth Erickson says,

"Recently, I interviewed Chris Tatevosian on my radio show, "Relationships 101" on http://www.webtalkradio.net/. He gave an excellent interview about how his degenerative illness (Multiple Sclerosis) has impacted himself and his marriages. Too often, the impact of a chronic physical condition is discussed only from the patient's vantage point. However, Chris is willing and able to share with listeners the mistakes he made in his first marriage when he overlooked his wife's needs and feelings, focusing only on his own. His candor and willingness to be vulnerable so that others can learn from his mistakes is inspirational and educational. His heart is as big as the sky, and that comes through and carries the day for his entire life now. Although he is legally blind and lives in a wheel chair, it could be said that his mantra is, 'It could be so much worse.' He is a wonderful guest for any media who are willing to look at serious topics such as managing a life-threatening illness with grace. ~ Dr. Beth

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