Chris Tatevosian
Is Available For Speaking Engagements

Psychiatrist and Best-Selling Author Dr. Beth Erickson says:

"Recently, I interviewed Chris Tatevosian on my radio show, "Relationships 101" on http://www.webtalkradio.net/. He gave an excellent interview about how his degenerative illness (Multiple cSlerosis) has impacted himself and his marriages. Too often, the impact of a chronic physical condition is discussed only from the patient's vantage point. However, Chris is willing and able to share with listeners the mistakes he made in his first marriage when he overlooked his wife's needs and feelings, focusing only on his own. His candor and willingness to be vulnerable so that others can learn from his mistakes is inspirational and educational. His heart is as big as the sky, and that comes through and carries the day for his entire life now. Although he is legally blind and lives in a wheel chair, it could be said that his mantra is, 'It could be so much worse.' He is a wonderful guest for any media who are willing to look at serious topics such as managing a life-threatening illness with grace."

~Dr. Beth Erickson

Chris Tatevosian is available for speaking engagements.

To book Chris for your next event, contact Chris at duketate@aol.com or by phone (508) 429-0464 between 10 AM and 5 PM Eastern.

Book Chris Tatevosian For Your Next Event And Chris Will Show You:

~ How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship in a Crisis Due to Life being interrupted by a Chronic Illness or Disability.

~ How to Recognize and Put a Halt to Misdirected Anger

~ The importance of Clear and open Communication

~ How to Express Love and Compassion When You Are Struggling Physically and Emotionally

~ That Disability Does Not Have to Mean Inability

~ Your Illness Is an Opportunity to Remake Yourself Into Something Better Than You Were before

~ How to Re-establish Your Self-Esteem, Purpose and Life's Direction

~ How to Embrace Change in your life:

Adversity Has Enriched the World More Than Comfort and prosperity And It Can Enrich Your Life, As Well (Paraphrasing
Rev. Billy Graham)

~ It is a challenge to be sick, and individuals that are plagued by chronic illness experience a myriad of psychological stresses:

~ Loss of Control

~ Fear of Losing Love and Approval From Loved Ones

~ Deminished self-esteem

~ Deminished self-worth

~ Guilt

~ And Fear of Punishment and Abandonment

Chronic illness is usually followed by extreme stress. Chris Tatevosian, MS survivor and author of Life Interrupted Itís Not All About Me can teach your audience how to:

~ Overcome feelings of helplessness, diminished self-esteem guilt, and the fear of losing love and approval from close loved ones as a result of his life experiences while living life with Multiple Sclerosis.

The Truth About Chronic Illness And Its Impact On Inter-Personal Relationships

Chronic Illnesses can create a rift in many relationships, as loved ones try to cope with the devastating effects. However, there are practical steps individuals can take to heal their relationships by learning how to adapt to changes in family routine as a result of the illness, financial hardships, and the loss of opportunity for intimacy between married couples, which if not dealt with lovingly, can create tensions. Chris Tatevosian can speak candidly from his own personal experience as an MS survivor, and share practical wisdom, plus valuable tips that your audience will be able to use today.

How Getting Rid of Toxic Emotions Can Help The Recovery Process

The medical world has long acknowledged that there are diverse individual differences as to how people react to their illnesses, and the intense emotions that accompany it. Some become depressed, frustrated, or self-condemning. Yet others expereince anger, hostility, and become overly critical- especially of one's spouse, family members and caregivers. In terms of recovery, these toxic emotions can destroy one's relationships and slow down the recovery process making the body susceptible to more illness.

By sharing his experiences, Tatevosian gives readers the awareness, knowledge and understanding they need to deal more positively with the emotional and physical stresses put on relationships interrupted by chronic illness or disability.

Chris Tatevosian, author of Life Interrupted- Itís Not All About Me can teach your audience how to take the negative attention off self, while empowering them to make the best of a tough situation. He offers practical steps to dispel the self-pitying " poor me attitude" that is often the cause of unhappiness. At the end of the segment, your audience will know how to say good-bye to "the poor-me attitude," and take on a more pro-active behavior to deal with illness

Warmly written and bravely told, this is a perfect book for any patient or caregiver.

"A real person, speaking right from the heart, and it touched my heart."

~ Rick Mansfield, Caring Coordinator, The First Congregational Church of Hopkinton, Mass

To book Chris for your next event, contact Chris at duketate@aol.com or by phone (508) 429-0464 between 10 AM and 5 PM Eastern


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