The best american summer companies in 2019

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Travel halfway around the world and get the experience of life? The work in the American summer camps is really a dream thing-and for thousands of students it is a reality every year

But while America’s work in the summer is an exciting opportunity, we know from experience that the choice of a company that can be made can be confusing. First, you will find many posts and feedback about each company-but it’s hard to know if you can trust them

So, we made difficult studies and made an actual comparison table and surveys of the five major American summer camps:

Comparison of American summer camps

While this table is mainly focused on the financial aspect of things, you should conduct your own research exactly as a client has experience with each company

Most of the experience of working with most agencies should be positive (and generally similar)-but if something goes wrong during the process (including when you are in the States), you will contact them for support

With this in mind, it is worth asking and watching online to see if the company you are interested in has a good track to address these issues

If you are after more in-depth analysis of the cost of various American summer camps,

American summer camps have been examined

As you can see from the table

The logic here is that it allows you to find your own at a better price, and even if you are not magnificent

With this in mind, plane tickets should not be worth much more than £ 500, and of course you can get them a lot cheaper than the other

Most other American summer camps will set a fixed price for flight packets, which means that you pay the specified amount, no matter how much you sing. But, as usual, your salary is much lower, the cost of tickets can be no more than £ 800

As such, as long as you can sum up some cheap flights, the package without flights will usually be the cheapest option

Salaries in America

In addition, an additional $100 (£ 75) is paid if you are accommodated in a special needs camp

BUNAOC is the longest American summer camp agency in a group, and this may be related to what is convenient for them

While the lowest basic salary of BUNAC still ranks second, flight costs leave some heat in the tail. Their programs are worth £ 499 with the overflights, and £ 269 without it on his face, your travel costs a very reasonable £ 230

However, as with many other agencies, the use of your flights in a package does not only increase the cost

To use the example, any person under the age of 21 will earn $1.550 (£ 1.187) with a non-summer option, compared to $950 (£ 727) with flights on. Thus, on the basis of the flights, your net profit will be about £ 230, and there will be no flights of about 918 pounds

Of course, you’ll still have to pay for your flights, if you don’t get it, but considering you’re almost 690 pounds more than if you decided to turn it on, it’s definitely

The extra $100 is paid for being rescued or for work in a special needs camp

Camp America is probably the most famous American summer camp agency-so much that you’ve probably heard people come to work in American summer camps, just as America’s camp is doing

However, their cost is a joint one-the highest of five companies, and their minimum expected salary is also the lowest. In fact, with a minimum wage of $650 (£ 494) and with an option of £ 599, there is a chance that all experience could end

This means that if you decide not to include the flights, the cost of the package will be only 399 pounds, and the minimum wage will be up to $1,250. Again, assuming that you can get a few cheap flights, that means you have to extract the net profit from the experience

Salaries in America

Cost of camp in America

Camp leaders are the only American summer camp agency that has an app-something that may not be an absolute but undoubtedly useful additional element. Moreover, as BUNAC, Camp Leaders will reimburse you if they can’t put you in the camp

But these benefits come at cost-literally. Along with Camp America, camp leaders ‘ fees are the highest level, and there’s a chance you can even

Remember, you’ll get it

If you are 18-20 years old and booked on flights that will be included in the list of camp leaders after February, this will cost you 649 pounds, with a pay range of 850-1250 dollars

Of course, this is where we remind you that you can still choose a package without flights (£ 399), get a higher minimum wage and find your own travel by knockout price!

Camp leaders ‘ salaries

Camp management costs

CCUSA (Camp Calorlors USA) is one of two American summer camps with the official status of the J1 visa sponsor (the other-Camp America)

We’re not going to get into this thing, but, in fact, you need a J1 visa to work at the American summer camp. These visas have been studied by the Trump government, and in theory, applying through an agency with official sponsorship status should work in your favor if President Trump decides to unleash the system

Money-wise, if you are 18 years old during summer camp (and you travel on flights-included the option), your salary is rather low-$750 (£ 568) to be precise. However, taking into account the cost of the flights, which includes the version of £ 525, you are not at risk of loss

CCUSA also pays higher salaries if you can add additional skills to the role, including such activities as rock climbing, tennis and sailing. With this, you could earn as much as $2,395 (£ 1813) during their stay

Extra information about summer camp

Thirtythird party costs

Regardless of who you are going with, you will have to pay for the expenses of a third party yourself-and even though some companies may say, the costs are the same regardless of who you work with

These are the basic expenses of the third party for which you will have to pay:

Prices may change from person to person, but in general, you are looking

Types of summer jobs

Most summer camp companies can place you as a general consultant for a camp or a specialist in your chosen activity. But regardless of the role, you will work with American children and help them have a great summer break!

Here are some examples of the types of work and activities that can be expected in the American summer camp. If you have talent in any of these areas, or something like that, jump straight and get involved!

  • Staff of the general administrative and support staff