What to do if you get your diploma 2: 2

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You must be tired of people telling you two: two is nothing, but if you don't get the result you're making, it's natural to feel a little deflated. However, this is not the end of the world

Many employers become more flexible when entering the "hail" system (more about this later), and some of the world's most diverse

We are here to calm down, to answer any questions and to share some advice on how to move forward

What can be done with a power of 2: 2?

And the employers don't care about you below 2:1?

It is true that many jobs have a minimum degree of 2:1, but this is not the case for every employer-and there are signs that it is becoming less and less important

For example, some of the leading accounting firms (Deloitte, EY and KPMG) have recently taken a much more flexible approach to the requirements for higher education, and their use is now preferred

But these are not only those accounting heavyweights who greet alumni with a score of 2: 2 with open arms-here is a small tastor of large companies that will gladly take you to

Companies that hire graduates with a degree 2: 2

Can you apply for assignments 2: 1 if you get 2:2?

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If 2: 1 or higher is a strict requirement, do not pay attention to not reach the employer first. You don't want to waste your time compiling

By associating with them first and explaining your situation, you can determine whether everything in the list of criteria is absolutely necessary or not

In fact, it often happens that the section of the list of jobs marked as "Only apply if you ..." is more like a list of those who want to know that most applicants will not meet 100% of the requirements

You may find that there is nowhere to touch the sensory doors, but there is a chance that they will be impressed by you, taking the initiative, and could ask you to send an email

If you cannot contact your employer first, you could mention in your letter that, although you are

It also implies that you were close to getting 2:1, no excuses

How do I get a job at 2:2?

There are so many options that will put you in the right career, and some routes will even put you in front of some first-graders

Here's how quickly you get a good job after the university:

Look for the graduates who accept 2:2c

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You may think that this advice may be of use to you as well

We are talking about opportunities with some serious players (as mentioned above, the whole host)

A quick search in Google for terms such as "diplomas 2: 2" will bring a ton of search sites that have search pages specifically about this

You can also check our page

Apply to startup

There is a huge number of start-up businesses in the U.K., and the new starts all the time

The startups tend to focus mostly on the majority

If you can show them that you have what they're looking for, they probably won't care what level of degree you have

Remember Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and even Mark Zuckerberg

Start business after university

How about you make a jump and start your own business? If Steve Jobs and Bill Gates can do so without any degree, imagine what you could do with 2: 2

It is obvious that this route may take a while, but why not try some of ours

Even if you decide not to move forward at the end, having a small business, the world will look great when you mention it

Get an internship to get your work experience

Loans: 20th Century Fox

A good way to get a foot in the door of the company you want to work with is to find out about something

It's a common recognition, some companies

We don't consult

Do your thing

Your qualifications may feel the most important thing on your CV, but they only take one small line. Once an employer has read all your vast experience, these qualifications can be forgotten quickly

The focus is to make your CV sparkle that many first-class people may not even have. For example, try the operation

And depending on your work, you can even choose

Take a grad school

Did you find that you really enjoyed the judo? If so, I do not rule out the possibility of post-graduate studies

You might think you need the highest grades for graduate school, but that's not always so

If you have made a good impression, and your lecturers know that you are employed, there is a chance that the university will refuse to write and allow you on board

And try not to give you money to release you-the government is now offering substantial

Use your contacts to help you get a job

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Now is the time to start thinking about those who work in the industry that you want to get into

Pick up the phone, put them off by e-mail and report it

Often, you will find that companies will allow

We hope that this tutorial has made you a little easier and reminded you that, whatever your class, you just graduated, and that's a big achievement

Your power doesn't necessarily reflect yours

Your main goal must now be to come out and show the world that you have